Published on 2020-11-21 20:07:29
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My opponent placed some seriously crazy defenses. Like, crazy to the point that I have never seen their like.

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Timestamps (MY TEAM vs. THEIR TEAM):

0:00 Intro
5:50 vs. Padme
9:20 REY/BS/Hoda vs. REY/Han/Chew
14:30 JML/GS vs. JML/GS
16:25 BH Cleanup
18:30 SLK vs. SLK/Zombie
20:25 Piett/Vader vs. JKL
22:30 vs. DR
28:25 vs. JKR
36:25 Malevolence vs. Nego
37:40 vs. Malevolence
44:05 vs. GG
48:50 vs. Traya
55:35 Outro

Video Clip Credits (by order of appearance):

(none this time)