Black Mamba

Published on 2021-03-05 17:03:49
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Vader and Sith Eternal Emperor compete for who is the most dominant Sith in the Galaxy. Vader performs his third 60 in a row vs Rey, but SEE shows off with a 63 vs GAS. We also spot a Bastila (L) with Wat and JML is the back wall! A match of a 655k banner opponent vs myself with 670k banners. Who is triumphant?

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--Video Chapters--
0:00 - Intro
2:55 - Vader vs Rey
6:30 - BAM vs GG
9:21 - SLKR vs Bastila (L), JML, Wat
12:10 - SEE solo vs GAS
14:05 - BHs vs NS
16:20 - DR vs Padme
17:30 - JKL (3-man) vs KRU
18:46 - Mal vs Holdo
19:57 - Neg vs Empire