Published on 2021-04-20 11:00:04
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The close of 3v3 for a month. Win streak at 41. Three consecutive undefeated seasons. And... someone special comes to visit, and my emotions get the best of me for a bit. Plus, we still have GAC!!

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Timestamps (MY TEAM vs. THEIR TEAM):

0:00 Intro
0:01 Father discussion
1:49 Oldest X-Junior
2:33 GAC intro discussion
6:00 Mothra vs. GG
8:26 Youngest X-Junior
11:30 GAC strategy for a minute
12:43 What to do with smart kids
13:28 SEE vs. Padme
15:43 KRU/FOX/Wat vs. Rex/Fives/Barriss
18:23 Troopers vs. Finn/Finn/Poe
20:03 BH vs. Mothra
21:48 Bando vs. Talzin NS
24:36 Wedge/Han/Chew vs. EP/Gid/RG
25:09 Vader vs. Geos
27:09 BS/KAM vs. Poe/Vets
27:42 Rey vs. Nute/Jango/Nest
29:33 JML/Aayla vs. KRU
31:44 Home One vs. Executrix
32:36 Finalizer vs. Home One
33:58 Final Results

Music Credit: Samuel Kim