Published on 2021-05-06 20:49:32
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Welcome back to another SWGOH (Star wars galaxy of heroes) Gear 13 is it worth it and today we take a look at Sith Marauder and in this one we take him up to Relic 7 as well to get a true feel of how he handles on the Holotables.

Sith Marauder is an SEE (Sith Eternal Emperor) requirement so if your farming for him your going to need him anyway.

He also has a pretty awesome ship but in this video I only cover the base character as I'm not really a ships kinda gal.

Sith Marauder feels like he takes Sith Empire to another level and pretty much anyone he touches, dissappears. Hopefully this helps you decide whether you want to get him going to relics or not.

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