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Published on 2021-06-23 22:57:06
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Just completely obliterate this defense. Opponent has a solid roster, but kept everything for offense, what was left for defense was not ready for prime time.

(0:00) Intro + Recap
(1:30) Opponent Analysis
(4:20) Defense Breakdown
(6:10) Palp v Geos
(8:00) BH v NS
(10:30) Nest SOLO v Shaak Ti
(14:10) JKR v Rex
(19:15) CLS v KRU
(22:15) JTR v BH
(24:50) Shaak Ti v Seps
(26:30) HanChew v Nute
(28:45) Kylo SOLO v OR
(30:45) Wampa SOLO v Phx
(31:50) JKL SOLO v MM
(33:10) JML SOLO v Sith
(34:10) GAS SOLO v Ewoks
(36:30) Fleets

(42:03) Breakdown + Analysis
(45:10) Jango v NS
(48:10) Palp v Palp
(51:05) CLS v Geos
(52:35) Ewoks v KRU

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