Published on 2022-03-10 19:25:06
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Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes - Grand Arena Championship - (Week: 2 Match: 1 Season: 2-0-1)

So, a little special match today. Since its the first match of the week i wanted to take the chance to use it to try out different offmeta counters for the future since my opponent usually place 4 teams i want to try against with the right team comp (JMK/LV/REY/JML). But since i didnt want to give away the match for free and if you scout me you find that i always place 1 GL in defense, not today :) 5 Gl+Starkiller in the front zones today.

But, the plan goes to shit pretty fast since the opponent did not stick to his routines either, have a look, its actually a quite funny match!

And do not miss my FENNEC test against a LV/MAUL/VADER/THRAWN/RG team :)

I will post the final results in comments below when my opponent is done!

Enjoy and see you in the next one, wich will be taken alot more serious :)