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Published on 2022-04-26 12:00:26
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Three fleets isn't that bad? (Apologies for the intro sound, should not happen again)

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0:00 Intro/Defenses
3:00 Imps vs. Drevan
4:15 Padme vs. Vader
5:10 Wampa vs. Finn
6:00 CLS vs. Dengar
6:40 BB vs. JMK
9:10 Imps vs. Drevan
10:45 QGJ vs. Maul
11:15 BH vs. Dash
13:15 JKR vs. Traya
14:15 Iden vs. Kru
16:50 SLKR vs. Rey
18:20 JML vs. Maul
19:05 Embo vs. Kru
20:30 Traya vs. Kru
21:50 Empire vs. Kru
22:50 Finalizer vs. Ackbar
23:40 Rebels vs. Raddus
25:00 Malo vs. Empire
26:25 End Results