Published on 2023-09-16 19:03:10
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00:00 Intro
Bronzium 2
9:00 - CLS vs GAS
12:00 - Wampa vs GG
24:15 - FAIL! JKR vs Qui Gon Omi
35:00 - Bounty Hunters Clean up Qui Gon Team
38:00 - Savage Opress vs Ewoks
48:00 - Imp Troopers vs Bossk
50:20 - Negotiator vs Malevolence

1:08:00 - GAS vs Darth Malgus
1:11:15 - GG vs Qui Gon Omi
1:15:15 - ****SWGOH.GG LIED**** Imp Trooperse vs Mauldalorians
1:20:15 - CLS vs Admiral Raddus
1:22:15 - JKR vs Mauldalorians
1:41:45 - Finalizer vs Executor with IG 2000!
1:49:00 - Malevolence vs Negotiator
1:52:00 - Chimaera vs Home One
2:07:00 - FAIL! Traya vs JML
2:13:45 - Bossk BH vs Nightsisters Merrin
2:20:00 - Palp/Vader vs Fat Boba Fett

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