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Published on 2024-06-17 19:16:12
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Testing To See What Can We Use to Defeat Queen Amidala (QA) Using No GL's?! Let's Find Out! Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH) #swgoh #gac #grandarena
0:00 Start
:13 Reva vs QA
1:20 Padme, Bad Batch vs QA
3:55 Bad Batch vs QA
4:36 Cere, Malicos, KRU, Visas, Cal vs QA
5:19 Cera, Malicos, Savage, Barriss, SK vs QA
5:44 Gas, Rex, Echo, Fives, QA vs QA
8:36 Dash, BAM, Vandor, Kuiil, IG11 vs QA
11:02 Dash, BAM, Vandor, Kuiil, IG11 vs QA
12:12 DTMG vs QA
12:47 Maul, Mandos, Piett, Shore vs QA
Music by White Raven - Moonscape -
Music by DONTSAYGOODBYE - Fluidity -