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Published on 2017-03-15 13:33:39
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Rebels are a common squad most people have and can help in Phase 4. How would you get the 2% your guild needs to help them get through the raid? Finity goes through his strategy for getting good damage on phase 4 with his rebels.

Also, last video was about 40 mins, this video about 30... 25% reduction in time! We will try to make them shorter too, but please remember these videos try to go through the concepts a bit more ahead of time before showing attacks so they make more sense.

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Reality Skewed Gamers is a group that loves gaming and wants to share our opinions on the games we love to play. We play different games and like to create videos to help educate the viewers about the games. Videos will include facts about the game as well as the RSG opinions allow for fun conversations about the games. If you enjoyed what you heard, please subscribe!

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