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Published on 2016-11-21 00:13:52
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Well ..the campaign goes well...but cursed technology!! Rangej1999 continues as the forces of evilll as we push Gondor back...well from a different point!!

Watch the full campaigns for each faction:
Dol Amroth Campaign:
Dwarves of Erebor:
Elves of Imladris Campaign:
Shadow of Mordor:

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Reality Skewed Gamers is a group that loves gaming and wants to share our opinions on the games we love to play. We play different games and like to create videos to help educate the viewers about the games. Videos will include facts about the game as well as the RSG opinions allow for fun conversations about the games. If you enjoyed what you heard, please subscribe!

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Divide and Conquer/Third Age Total War
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